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This is something that we take very seriously at Anna Maria Islands CC. Happy to be here today to make this post for the value of the community as a whole. The community can do a great number of things to provide for the community.

What I’m talking about today is the value of community. It’s very broad term because it is meant to be. The community as a whole can do great things if provided the opportunity to do so. Today we want to focus on what the community can do for people and we will introduce this on three levels.

The first is at an individual level. What the community can basically do for one person in times of trouble.

The second level is what the community can do for a specific group of people. Not the community as a whole but a very specific subset of individuals.

The third is what the community can do for itself.

Now the first level we are going to talk about and focus on is the level of an individual. What I am going to talk about is more at the individual level. When I was seven my friend was diagnosed with cancer. What he was told it was going to take a significant amount of time and probably be one of the worse experiences of his life.

local home based business

What I remember is my friend being in the hospital for about a month. He was at a hospital and had no idea what was going on. A really bad time in his life. One time he came back from a treatment. There were all these paper hands with names on it. Well his entire great school got these cardboard hands and put them all over his room.

It’s really this type of motivation that helped my friend get through tough times. It wasn’t about the doctor or his parents. It was the community helping him at an individual level. It got my friend through his tough times to get healthy again.

The second level which is helping a specific group of people can be just as powerful. When I was in high school I remember a group of marketers that worked for an entire week to raise funds for our volleyball team.

At the time it wasn’t in the schools budget to keep our team going so some local online marketers like Sue Perry, Kathy Smith and Josh Paiva worked and raised funds through clickbank to save two thousand dollars and donate it to our school to keep sports going.

At the time we were only 15 and two thousand dollars was out of reach for family and definitely for the students. This really meant the world to us. We went on to go 18 and 0 and won the championship for our school.

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Now I am actually working for the same network marketing company ten years later and help raise funds for such causes to this day. I actually met Josh Paiva and another local marketing friend Sue Thompson at a small restaurant close by. They helped me realize life was much more than going to a job for the rest of my life just to make ends meet. I was able to not only build a successful business but go on to be a top earner in my company and help others do the same as well.

Now on the third level I want to talk about the community helping themselves as a whole. It’s funny as you grow older you grow wiser. When your young it’s amazing at what you don’t see and what you can’t see you can’t really understand. The community was falling apart financially. They were using and allocating funds in all the wrong places. So we decided to join local politics and help our town gain ground.

When you grow up in a section where money is tight. Families very rarely go on vacation. People are struggling just to make ends meet. So we wanted to help our community realize life is more than just a job and paying bills.

So we took the town by the hand and showed them how to fight back and raise funds through community outreach programs. Our non profit raises upward to 100 thousand every single year to help families with heat, water bills and public housing.

It’s amazing when you take action how many small businesses are willing to help in the time of need. One hundred percent of donations go back into the community¬†which is unheard of these days. We do it and do it every single day.

Just last year we decided to take a number of how many people would like to take a therapeutic vacation and meet some of the top business speakers in the world while spending an entire weekend in the white mountains and skiing for three days. Our non profit paid for the entire trip and we raised enough in funds through local advertising to help families who have never been outside of the community for the most part.

Some of the local business were online home based business people who decided to market some affiliate products to raise these funds for families struggling. In their eyes it’s worth it and they can also write off 100% of donations as a business expense so it’s win win for everybody.

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It was a great time to witness children in a different environment other than home. To see so many smiling faces going down the mountain and spending time in the lodge with their families. It was sure a site to see.

So you could imagine that the business owners who donated and went on the trip with us just how happy it made everyone. I can’t tell you how grateful the children were because we are getting phone calls almost daily for the first week we arrived back home.

So here at Anna Maria Island CC want to give thanks to all those that worked so hard. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts especially all the children who are still smiling to this day!