5 Step Marketing Plans for Small Businesses and Community

Build a Better Community With 5 Strategic Marketing Plant!

Today, we are gonna give you simple 5 steps of marketing plans that you can use for your own small or big business to promote it throughout the world. All you have to do is to implement these marketing plans in your business by filling up the blanks in this model of the marketing plan. Actually, there are two preparation steps and three action steps. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with the 2 preparation steps.

  1. Identify the benefits of your product:

The first step in the preparation steps is to identify the benefits, which your product will provide to your customers. Keep in mind, nobody here is talking about the FEATURES of the product, we are just talking about the BENEFITS, as the benefits and features of a product are quite different from each other. So, write down all the benefits of your product, write down the solutions that your product can solve and also write down the emotional triggers (which you will use further in the promotion of your product) to target your audience. All these three approaches will cover up our first step of “identifying the benefits” of the product.

  1. Identify your Target Audience:

Now, that’s the last step of preparation mode, identifying the PERFECT audience for your product. Is the audience women? Are these women married or single? Do your target have children? What’s your target’s age? What’s the area they are living in? What’s their occupation? What amount of income do they earn monthly? Do they like to eat in hotels or in the home? All these questions must be answered before setting up the target audience for your product because setting up an accurate target for your product will boost up your sales.

Now, we’re heading towards the ACTION steps. These are actually three “C” steps; Create, Capture, and Convert. We’ll discuss each of them very briefly as these are “implementing your observations” steps and are considered to be easy steps as compared to the first two preparation steps.

  1. Create:

The first “C” refer to the creation of an attractive offer. You create an attractive offer for the TRUE buyers who are interested in buying your product and also to increase the number of buyers to increase the sale of your product. Now, the question arises that what might become an attractive offer, right? Well, anything that people have an interest in can be picked up as an offer. Suppose, creating an offer of giving away an iPad may be a quite interesting offer but basically, it isn’t! Because it isn’t gonna drive SERIOUS and PERMANENT buyers.

  1. Capture:

Now, this CAPTURE doesn’t mean to capture people and to force them to buy your product, well it sounds like that but doesn’t mean like that. Actually, you are gonna capture LEADS from those peoples who were interested in your offer.

  1. Convert:

After capturing their leads, you can get their information and over time, you can convert them into your sales. But as you know, most people typically needs multiple exposures to a product, they need follow-ups, need to think about it, so you need an automated sales process that will convert these people into sales over time.

Now, these were the simple but chief fill-ups that you can implement in your own business plan to get success.