MLM Company Reviews – Legit Companies and Scams – Let Anna Maria Help You!


Today we wanted to jump on the blog and talk about Network Marketing or other known as MLM. There are many companies out there that claim to be profitable with legit leaders so lets find out.

So what makes these MLM companies eye opening to most people? Well you can work from home from your computer and possibly quit your job. That is quite enticing to most people.

Unfortunately most people are living check to check and can’t seem to get ahead with whatever job they go to every day. It has come to the point people are now working 2 or 3 jobs which is becoming an ever increasing problem.


Well things are more expensive, taxes are higher and bringing up children is not like it use to be. You would literally have to be a millionaire to bring up 4 or 5 kids nowadays or you’re poor eating roman noodles and eating out of tuna cans.

mlm company scam

I’m not kidding. I’m sure many of you reading this can relate. So what does MLM offer? Well if you’ve been reading up on different MLM company reviews you’re probably noticing all the money that is out there. It is real. yes there are many scams but many of these MLM companies certainly are legit.

You have to pick the right one and run hard with it. We like to call it hustling and grinding until you get there.

Most people think working in an MLM company is about reaching out to family and friends and sponsoring them. It’s not like that any longer. It’s about building a list and utilizing that list.

It is about relationship building. Talking to your list every day and giving value to your list .That’s it really.

So lets say you have a list of 1000 people which you can build up fairly quickly. Lets say you sponsor 2% of those people. That’s 20 new recruits.

Work with them to duplicate and make 100k a year!

Don’t give up on your MLM dream. It’s out there go get it!

Anna Maria Island!