SEO is one of main tools that everyone should master to get the power of internet marketing. There have been many big websites even the classy website like portal news use SEO to make sure that they can be number one page in search engine.

Firstly, they made good content and then do the strategies for SEO. Many people believe that the power in page ranking or traffic is on the content but not all people know that it’s not that simple to enhance the page. We have to make sure that we have done some strategies to keep it high and reached by many people.

Some good content owners may be proud about the content but when it has come to ads and they know how legit it is, SEO becomes number one priority to ensure the rank and the traffic. SEO helps content owners to gain more vistors and income on their ads. There are many ways to master SEO. YOu can start it learning from popular blog until learning from books. We all know that SEO is not that simple.

That is why learning SEO should be holistic. As there are many things to learn, we should learn step by step. Now, we are going to dicuss about adword or keyword researcher. How important it is and what to do to get the keyword planner and researcher?

The importance of keyword planner

Keyword is the main root for content writer or owner to get reached by vistors because visitors are readers must have searche through keywords they want to get the information.

That is why many owners always focus on keyword development on the content. Indeed, for some passionate owners or writers, keyword planner is too complicated and they use to ignore the planner.

They tend to think that good content is the key to gain more visitors but it must be long to take it. Keyword planner helps you to figure out what keywords that are trending and how many people have searched and the competition on content posted. With keyword planner, they will get more strategic contents to boost your traffic and visitors.

What to do?

There are many tools to help you get the right keywords to use. You can do it freely and you can pay the tools. Of course, the more powerful tool is coming with price. The free and easy tool for keyword planner is in Google Adword.

It’s easy to use adword as your keyword planner because besides it can help you to get the real research of the post volume and search volume, it also gives the little estimation about the cost for the ads in one click.

Although, it’s free but w claim that Google adword is powerful and helpful. If you want to get more attractive and powerful keyword planner, you have to try the paid one. It is SEMrush, it’s been common for content owners that use SEMrush because it has more details on the planner like you will see the biggest competitor and organic search from it. That is why SEMrush might have been the number one tool for keyword planner.