Sunday, 24 March 2019

Good Friday

Holy Friday is the day when Christians celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross. And finally, with the arrival of Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and his first appearance among his disciples.

Easter was already celebrated before the emergence of Christianity. It was about the commemoration of the Jewish people for having been released from slavery in Egypt, which lasted for approximately 400 years.
GoodFriday is a religious holiday that is celebrated by Christians. It symbolize the day of the death of Jesus Christ. It is also part of the Easter festivities, which symbolizes the resurrection of the Messiah.
According to tradition the day on which Good Friday is celebrated is the first Friday of the full moon after the spring equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) or autumn equinox (in the Southern Hemisphere). In this case, the Friday of the Passion can occur between March 22 and April 25.
According to Christianity, Good Friday is a reflection on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. For Catholics, the Good Friday is a day of rituals, such as fasting or abstinence from worldly pleasures.
It is common to see reconstitution, tributes, and other forms of artistic representations of what would have been the last moments of Jesus Christ's life, his judgment, crucifixion and resurrection.
Formerly, Good Friday was considered the most important holiday of Protestant Christians. Today there is a broad belief among Christian religions that the death of Christ was the sacrifice for the sins of mankind. The greatest feast of Christianity is Easter Saturday. This is now seen as a unity with different aspects, emphasizes theologian Ulrich Lüke.
For Christians, the events of Good Friday and Easter are linked to the feeling of hope. "They open up a new perspective," sums up Ulrich Lüke.