If you are one of the millions of home owners receiving unwanted phone calls and you want to put an end to these unsolicited calls once and for all, what can you do?

Receiving marketing calls on a landline is frustrating enough and they appear to call at all hours of the day and evening but now is the time to complain and fight back again.

Here in the UK, we have the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which in theory, will add your home phone number to a “do not call” register which UK based sales companies have to adhere to and disregard the phone number of yours if it is included within this list.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and some dishonest companies will continue to call you anyway or you are given a silent call. Furthermore, companies based overseas in Europe & Asia don’t need to comply with this register, which is where the majority of our cold calls come from.

Generally there is not really too much we can do to register a block against these overseas calls as the authorities in the UK have their hands tied.

Nevertheless, we do have one trick up the sleeve of ours to combat these calls. We are able to install a call blocking device between our landline socket and telephone.

The blocking devices are small, easy to use and very useful at stopping or perhaps filtering unwanted calls. They incorporate an LCD display showing the sort of call or perhaps phone number along with a number of buttons in order to set up your device and to block a call.

Most devices have a simple set up and user navigation which will allow you to select which types of phone numbers you wish to block. Choices include: international calls, 0800 numbers, withheld numbers, blocked regular phone numbers and numbers.
Recommended–> : Contact at 855-245-7098

You are able to select all or perhaps any one of the above combinations but for the normal numbers, in case you desire to block these you have to wait until you receive an excess call, then select the number on your device and press the block button – it is as simple as that.

When the blocked number tries to phone you again – your phone won’t ring and you do not get disturbed.

The benefit of a call barring device is always that you can block as much as around 1500 phone numbers, compared to a call block telephone which will only block around 10 or perhaps 20 phone numbers.

With mobile phones, we receive both calls and text messages from unwelcome sources. You are able to check with your phone network provider how to block these calls but most of them ask you to forward the text or even number to their blocking registration database which is 7726 or even SPAM on your keyboard.