If you are among the millions that enjoyed the anime collection, then you most likely already learn about Yugi’s Dark Magician. A few gamers reviewing this article may also have actually whole decks created around Black Chaos or Dark Magicians. In case you have done the last, you will possibly wish to make sure you a specific card in your deck: The Dark Magician Girl.

The card can and also may be the best card to match your magician based deck. Because, Dark Magician Girl not just starts with 2000 assault power, however the card likewise offers an unique capability.

Think of going head to head versus a gamer with a magician deck while you simultaneously utilize your own magician deck. Playing this card after a few magician cards have struck the graveyard can aid your Dark Magician Girl quickly break 3000 strike power and become a very powerful beast.

Money and Power may be an uncommon, yet it can easily deserve paying even more to find just to include in your duelist collection.

Clearly the real Dark Magician card is still more effective than “the girl variation” since it has the very same special capability in addition to having the ability to increase strike power for all dragon cards. Nevertheless, using both cards in combination can make either considerably stronger. Possessing one or the other should create you to consider obtaining the various other card given that they compliment each other so well.

Even more powerful are the Chaos Magicians. Despite the fact that these illusionists have greater strike power, if you shed them in play they can each add 300 strike power to your Magician Girl. Making use of these illusionists first can be a strong way to open an attack while utilizing your lady card to bat clean up after shedding them, as well as make her comparably as strong as each of the Chaos Magicians. Lastly, you can adhere to up with a Dark Magician as well as have an assault power of 3700!

The card can as well as may be the perfect card to compliment your magician based deck. Clearly the real Dark Magician card is still a lot more powerful than “the woman variation” given that it has the very same unique capability in enhancement to being able to enhance assault power for all dragon cards. Despite the truth that these magicians have higher attack power, if you lose them in play they can each include 300 strike power to your Magician Girl.